Nil Ratan Sircar Medical College & Hospital (NRSMC&H)


List of UG students' for the year of 2017

Sr. No. Image Course Category Students' Name Validity
1 M.B.B.S. undergraduate Adrish Biswas Active
2 undergraduate ANIRBAN MAJI Active
3 undergraduate SHUBHI SHUKLA Active
4 undergraduate ARYAN MANJHI Active
5 undergraduate ASHIF IKBAL HOSSAIN Active
6 undergraduate SNEHA BANERJEE Active
7 undergraduate AMAN TANDON Active
8 undergraduate MD. JISANUR HOQUE Active
9 undergraduate DIPJOTI GHARUI Active
10 undergraduate TAMAL NANDI Active
11 undergraduate MANISHA DEY Active
12 undergraduate SUVENDU THAKUR Active
13 undergraduate KANAD MANDAL Active
14 undergraduate DEBJYOTI SARKAR Active
15 undergraduate DEBDUT DEY Active
16 MBBS undergraduate Rajat Kumar Saha Active
17 undergraduate RITAM GHOSH Active
18 undergraduate JYOTIRMOY SARKAR Active
19 undergraduate LABANI BAG Active
20 MBBS undergraduate Md Ramiz Reza Active
21 undergraduate RAIRUPA SARKAR Active
22 undergraduate ROHIT ROY Active
23 undergraduate UPASANA SARKAR Active
24 undergraduate SAYAN SAMADDAR Active
25 undergraduate MONIDEEPA PANDIT Active
26 undergraduate ANANDA ACHARYA Active
27 undergraduate NIRJHAR CHAKRABORTY Active
28 undergraduate TANZIM AKRAM Active
29 undergraduate SUBHADIP MAITI Active
30 undergraduate SREEJITA GHOSH Active
31 undergraduate MAITREYEE CHATTERJEE Active
32 undergraduate SWETA MUKHERJEE Active
33 undergraduate ARNAB DEY Active
34 undergraduate ISHANI MANDY Active
35 undergraduate POUSHALI BANERJEE Active
36 undergraduate SALMA NASRIN Active
37 MBBS undergraduate BISHNU BIVAS DAS Active
38 undergraduate MADHURIMA HALDAR Active
39 undergraduate LHAZI DOLMA Active
40 undergraduate SAYANTINI SAHA Active
41 undergraduate KRISHNASISH DAS Active
42 undergraduate MD. HAMMAD HUSSAIN Active
43 undergraduate ROHIT BANYOPADHYAY Active
44 MBBS undergraduate Ritoja Chakraborty Active
45 undergraduate AKASHRAJ BARIK Active
46 undergraduate SAUPTIK SINHA ROY Active
47 MBBS undergraduate Shayaneel Nath Active
48 undergraduate SOUMYAJIT MANDAL Active
49 undergraduate SOURAV PAUL Active
50 undergraduate SHOVAN BISWAS Active
51 undergraduate DEBALINA MANDAL Active
52 undergraduate DEBJANI HALDER Active
53 undergraduate ANUBHAB PATRA Active
54 undergraduate DEEPANJAN KOLEY Active
55 undergraduate MANODIP MULA Active
56 undergraduate SUSMITA BASU Active
57 undergraduate SWAGATA RAY Active
58 undergraduate SWATI WILLIAM Active
59 undergraduate MOUMITA SINHA ROY Active
60 undergraduate DEBJYOTI SAREN Active
61 undergraduate APARNA KUMAR Active
62 undergraduate AKANKSHA SENGUPTA Active
63 MBBS undergraduate Suryasnata Bhowmik Active
64 undergraduate ANNESHA RAY Active
65 undergraduate BAIDURYA NAYAK Active
66 undergraduate SUDIP SIKDAR Active
67 undergraduate ANURAG DAS Active
68 undergraduate ANIRBAN SAHA Active
69 undergraduate ANGELINA PORE Active
70 undergraduate SAIKAT GHOSH Active
71 undergraduate SATYBIR SAH Active
72 MBBS undergraduate Souvik Das Active
73 undergraduate PRIYA DUGAR Active
74 undergraduate SOURODIP MRIDHA Active
75 undergraduate SHOUVIK ROY Active
76 undergraduate SUMANTA TUDU Active
77 undergraduate SOUHARDYA PRAMANICK Active
78 undergraduate SOUMYAJIT NANDI Active
79 undergraduate ATRYEE CHOWDHURY Active
80 undergraduate AYAN DEBNATH Active
81 undergraduate PURBA GHOSH Active
82 undergraduate RAJAT KUMAR HALDER Active
83 undergraduate SUBHOJYOTI PANDEY Active
84 undergraduate AISHEE MALLICK Active
85 undergraduate KABIR ALAM Active
86 undergraduate RUPAM KANTA BARMAN Active
87 undergraduate SK.MASUDUL KABIR Active
88 undergraduate DHIMAN INDU Active
89 undergraduate SUKRIT SARKAR Active
90 undergraduate RANI CHATTERJEE Active
91 undergraduate RAHUL CHAUHAN Active
92 undergraduate ARGHYA BISWAS Active
93 undergraduate PUSPITA GOSWAMI Active
94 undergraduate BIDHAN CHANDRA MANDI Active
95 undergraduate SAIBAL DAS Active
96 undergraduate RATNADEEP CHAKRABORTY Active
97 undergraduate ABHINEET DASGUPTA Active
98 undergraduate TANMAY BISWAS Active
99 undergraduate SUKANYA DAS Active
100 undergraduate MEGHNA MANDI Active
101 undergraduate TEJAS MALU Active
102 undergraduate MADHUSHREE MONDAL Active
103 undergraduate DILRUBA HASAN Active
104 undergraduate GRACE TRESA JOMY Active
105 undergraduate RONIT DEB Active
106 undergraduate MD AFSAR ALI Active
107 undergraduate ALOPEE DAS Active
108 undergraduate SABYASACHI MANDAL Active
109 undergraduate SUJIT MANDAL Active
110 undergraduate RUPA PAUL MONDAL Active
111 undergraduate PALLABI CHAKRABORTY Active
112 undergraduate SIMRAN SINGH Active
113 undergraduate ARPAN SARDAR Active
114 undergraduate AJITANSHU SINGH PARIHAR Active
115 undergraduate ARGHO GHOSH Active
116 undergraduate SWAPNANIL KUNDU Active
117 undergraduate DIPAN TAPADER Active
118 undergraduate ARITRA DAS Active
119 undergraduate SHUBHRANIL CHAKRABARTI Active
120 undergraduate RAJA ROY Active
121 undergraduate JASMINE BESRA Active
122 undergraduate REYAZ HUSSAIN Active
123 undergraduate DHEERAJ KUMAR YADAV Active
124 MBBS undergraduate MAINAK DAS Active
125 undergraduate ABHISHEK JAISWAL Active
126 undergraduate SHADAB PARWEEZ Active
127 undergraduate SHIVAM SAHA Active
128 undergraduate AMARTYA CHAKRABORTY Active
129 undergraduate SOUMYA MANDAL Active
130 undergraduate BARNA BISWAS Active
131 undergraduate SK. HOSSAINOOR RAHAMAN Active
132 undergraduate SHROTRIYA SEN Active
133 M.B.B.S. undergraduate IVNEIL DAS Active
134 undergraduate ANAMIKA SINGHA Active
135 undergraduate SHOUVIK HALDER Active
136 undergraduate ARITRA MALLICK Active
137 undergraduate ANURAG DAS Active
138 undergraduate PROTIM DEY Active
139 undergraduate MONISHA PATRA Active
140 undergraduate SWARNABHA SIL Active
141 undergraduate PRODEEP BISWAS Active
142 undergraduate OMAR FARUK MOLLA Active
143 undergraduate SUBHAM SINHA Active
144 MBBS undergraduate Avijit Das Active
145 undergraduate RISHI RAJ MAHAPATRA Active
146 undergraduate ANANYA ROY Active
147 undergraduate ANIKET THAKUR Active
148 undergraduate SOUMYADIP NASKAR Active
149 undergraduate DAVID SARKAR Active
150 undergraduate ADRISH GHOSHAL Active
151 undergraduate PUSHPENDU CHANDRA Active
152 undergraduate SRIJEETA BASU Active
153 undergraduate SAYONI GHOSH Active
154 M.B.B.S undergraduate Soumya Bera Active
155 undergraduate EESHICA MUKHERJEE Active
156 undergraduate SIRJAN HEMBRAM Active
157 undergraduate DEEPAYAN SHEET Active
158 undergraduate AKASH MONDAL Active
159 undergraduate DIKSHA SARAF Active
160 undergraduate BISWAYAN BAG Active
161 MBBS undergraduate Arup Dhara Active
162 undergraduate MOUMITA MONDAL Active
163 undergraduate SUBHANKAR HALDAR Active
164 undergraduate SURJYA PAUL Active
165 MBBS undergraduate Subhajit Chatterjee Active
166 undergraduate KOUSHIK MANDAL Active
167 undergraduate AMARTYA DATTA Active
168 undergraduate KREETI SHUBH Active
169 undergraduate PRAJES KUMAR CHATTOPADHY Active
170 undergraduate SAYANTAN DAS Active
171 undergraduate SAUNAK SAHA Active
172 undergraduate SABARI DAS Active
173 undergraduate PRIYADARSHINI GHOSH Active
174 undergraduate MEGHALI PAL Active
175 undergraduate ANANYA MUKHOPADHYAY Active
176 undergraduate GARIMA DEY Active
177 undergraduate JUBEDA SULTANA Active
178 undergraduate AMBIA SULTANA Active
179 undergraduate RANADEEP GHOSH Active
180 undergraduate SUBHRADEEP MANDAL Active
181 undergraduate ROHAN MURMU Active
182 undergraduate DIBYA POKHREL Active
183 undergraduate SANHITA DEY Active
184 undergraduate BISWARUP ORAON Active
185 undergraduate MADHUMITA RUIDAS Active
186 undergraduate DEKI DOLKAR Active
187 undergraduate ARYA SEN Active
188 undergraduate SANJULA ACHARYYA Active
189 undergraduate RUPAM DUTTA Active
190 undergraduate MOHIT AGARWAL Active
191 undergraduate RITAM DOLUI Active
192 undergraduate SADAF ZARIN Active
193 undergraduate BINISHA AGARWAL Active
194 undergraduate MRINMOY JANA Active
195 undergraduate NISCHAY MONDAL Active
196 MBBS undergraduate Sparsh Goel Active
197 undergraduate JOYDEEP KUMAR MANDAL Active
198 undergraduate BIPASHA BASU Active
199 undergraduate DISHANT DAS Active
200 undergraduate SHRITAMA DAS Active
201 undergraduate RITIKA CHOUDHARY Active
202 undergraduate SALONI Active
203 undergraduate RIMJHIM Active
204 undergraduate ABHILASHA KUMARI Active
205 undergraduate SURYA PRATAP SINGH Active
206 MBBS undergraduate Diva Sarkar Active
207 undergraduate SIMRAN Active
208 undergraduate SHREYA MALLICK Active
209 undergraduate RIYA KUMARI Active
210 undergraduate SAURAV PRAKASH Active
211 undergraduate ANKITA MANJHI Active
212 undergraduate ANKITA BAJIA Active
213 undergraduate RIA TREASA JAMES Active
214 undergraduate RITURAJ SARKAR Active
215 undergraduate MUSKAN AGGARWAL Active
216 undergraduate TANMAY GOYAL Active
217 undergraduate PRATICHI Active
218 undergraduate VIKAS NAGAR Active
219 undergraduate KHUSHBOO KUMARI Active
220 undergraduate SOHAM ROYCHOWDHURY Active
221 undergraduate GOURAB SADHU Active
222 undergraduate SUBHAM CHATTARAJ Active
223 MBBS undergraduate Deepsikha Das Active
224 undergraduate SOUBHIK BISWAS Active
225 undergraduate ARANNYAA PARAASHAR Active
226 undergraduate JUHI GUPTA Active
227 undergraduate AYAN DUTTA Active
228 undergraduate SUPRITI MONDAL Active
229 undergraduate SHIRSA MUKHERJEE Active
230 undergraduate MANISH KUMAR ROY Active
231 undergraduate BIDISHA PANJA Active
232 undergraduate RANIT GARAI Active
233 undergraduate SHANKHA SUBHRA MUKHERJEE Active
234 undergraduate SOURABH MISHRA Active
235 undergraduate DEBAJIT GHOSH Active
236 undergraduate NAYANA DAS Active
237 undergraduate SAMBIT BHATTACHARJEE Active
238 undergraduate ARGHADIP DAS Active
239 undergraduate DEEPSHIKHA GOND Active
240 MBBS undergraduate VISHNU SHANKAR KEDIA Active
241 undergraduate GUNJAN DUTTA Active
242 undergraduate UDITA CHAKRABORTY Active
243 undergraduate SAPTARSHI CHAKRABORTY Active
244 undergraduate NILUFA YASMIN Active
245 undergraduate BHABANI PRASAD MONDAL Active
246 undergraduate NILAYAN ROY Active
247 undergraduate KAUSHIK SAHA Active
248 undergraduate BINDU KUMARI JHA Active
249 MBBS undergraduate Rahmatullah Active
250 undergraduate AMIMA REAZ Active