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This is Biochemistry Department.

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All Faculty Details

Image Name Department Designation Email ID Phone Address
Dr Soma Gupta Biochemistry Professor & Head N/A
Dr Sandip Chakraborty Biochemistry Associate Professor N/A
Dr. Indranil Dawn Biochemistry Associate Professor N/A
Dr Sayantan Dasgupta Biochemistry Associate Professor N/A
Dr Chinmoy Ghosh Biochemistry Assistant Professor N/A
Dr Sukla Nath. Biochemistry Assistant Professor N/A
Dr. Amrita Karmakar Biochemistry Assistant Professor N/A
Dr. Sanghamitra Chakraborty Biochemistry Assistant Professor N/A

All Residents

Image Name Department Position Address
Dr. Priyanka Dutta Biochemistry Tutor/Demonstrator N/A
Dr. Anirban Ganguly Biochemistry Tutor/Demonstrator N/A
Dr. Piali Chowdhury Biochemistry Tutor/Demonstrator N/A
Dr. Saswati Bandyopadhyay Biochemistry Tutor/Demonstrator N/A
Dr. Mousumi Das Biochemistry Tutor/Demonstrator N/A
Dr. Sumana Baidya ( Detailed from Raigunje Medical College) Biochemistry Tutor/Demonstrator N/A
Dr Arpita Mondal Biochemistry N/A
Dr. Sanjit Biswas Biochemistry N/A
Dr. Anjan Kumar Ghosh Biochemistry N/A
Dr. Dipa Mondal Biochemistry N/A

All Non Teaching Staff

Image Name Department Position Address
Shanti Dey Biochemistry N/A
Ms Dipannwita Datta Chakrabarty Biochemistry N/A
Ms Pyasa Banerjee Biochemistry N/A
Mr. Nirmallya Chakrabarty Biochemistry N/A
Mr. Monoj Bagdi Biochemistry N/A
Mr. Ashok De Biochemistry Group-D Staff N/A
Ms Maya Sarkar Biochemistry Group-D Staff N/A

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